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Since the childhood a great love for the books walks with me. My mother passed down to me the passion for art, poetry, writing, illustrated books. During the adolescence this passion grew in me so much until I joined the Faculty “Ancient and Modern Culture and Philology” at University “L’Orientale” in Naples. Literature, arts, manuscripts, and then publishing, became on a daily basis a fascinated world to look at. My work experience begins in the academic field as Freelance Editor and Proofreader.

Just the theoretical study of the word, the book and the manuscript, was not interesting enough for me, for this reason I started an internship in Berlin by SHS Publishing/Vetro Edition: a strong and relevant European independent publishing house focused on graphic, illustration and design. During this important work experience as Assistant Editor I got into the manual printing techniques like risograph, letterpress, silk screen printing and then artist book. In the 2014 it was the moment when I realised my true vocation, to be a Bookbinder. My path started as a self-thought printer and bookbinder for SHS Publishing/Vetro Edition and Inkwell Berlin, then I moved back to Italy to attend the  “Professione Libro” Academy in Milan by my beloved Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo. In the same years I attended two masterclass at the AMANVENSIS Bindery by Luigi Castiglioni in Rimini and I also became apprentice at the Bookbinding/Book Conservation laboratory of the Benedictine Abbey “Badia della SS. Trinità” in Cava de’ Tirreni, one of the oldest libraries in Italy of ancient books and manuscripts. I worked in various commercial binderies and, as self-employed, for some publishing houses, artisans, concept stores in Italy and Berlin.

In the October 2017 I moved to London where I actually live and work as Bookbinder and Box Maker in a Bindery, part of a printing company in central London, and as a freelance. I am open to work and artist collaborations.

I keep studying Bookbinding and improve my knowledge with courses in UK and France.

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